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MDF Anti-Dumping Duty Levied by India

December 1, 2016
India Anti-Dumping Duties on Plain MDF. . India has imposed anti-dumping duty on imports of plain MDF imported  from Vietnam and Indonesia for a period of five years. It applies to panel boards of...[Read more]

Defining Days for MDF/PB Industry Says EPF

July 5, 2016
The cost of MDF/PB products has been driven up by UK government subsidies for new biomass power stations, which consume wood chip and other by-products. Fiber Based Panels Bulletin (July 2016) issue reports...[Register to view]

Wood-based Panel Makers Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency

June 14, 2016
The fiber based panels sector is said to be responding to the challenges of the Circular Economy and  Resource Efficiency. Given the emphasis on the recycling of cellulose fibres, the panels industry claims its primary...[Read more]

EPF Seeks Common Standard for Formaldehyde Emissions

April 20, 2016
The European Panel Federation (EPF)  is seeking to establish a possible new common standard for formaldehyde emissions in Europe and North America and to  promote the sustainability of the ‘wood-based panels’ industry's products...[Read more]

MDF/PB Management Opinions on Sustainability Level Analysed

February 19, 2016
The MDF Yearbook 2015-16 analysis of Managements’ opinions on business profits and sustainability level relating to global and sub-regional concerns and business opportunity  examines  aspects debated during the AWA/MDFYB Conference in November...[Register to view]

Fiber/wood-based Panels Conference 2015 Highly Successful

November 14, 2015
Delegates and speakers representing the MDF & PB manufacturing and end-user converting industry sectors were unanimous in their opinion that the choice of topics and subject coverage presented during the International Fiber/wood-based...[Register to view]

Circle-to-Circle end-use Consumer Needs to Push Architects, Designers & end-usrs to Re-evaluate Business Opportunity Horizons.

October 4, 2015
Today’s changing trade scenario and/or tomorrow’s Circle-to-Circle end-use consumer requirements will push architects, designers and end-users to rethink and re-evaluate business opportunity horizons. One area will be...[News subscription required]

Chain of Custody & Traceability of Wood & Wood-Based Products

August 3, 2015
The ‘Chain of custody of wood and wood based products’ is in its first consultation stage to establish a standard for the traceability of wood products under, ISO 38001. ISO members have three months to...[Register to view]

Crackdown on illegal plywood imports is long overdue

February 25, 2015
New efforts to crack down on illegally sourced plywood imported from China into the UK have been backed by the Wood Panel Industries Federation (WPIF).. . The WPIF insists that while such action is long overdue...[Register to view]

US Green Building LEEDv4 is approved

August 31, 2013
Members of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) approved the final version of LEED v4, with 86% of votes cast among more than 1,200 USGBC member companies  in favor of adopting the new update...[Register to view]

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