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Wood-Plastic Composite Panels Advances

December 1, 2016
Automakers’  focus on biodegradable, lightweight and recyclable wood-fiber-plastic composite and hybrid materials is expected to open new end-use applications in door panels, seat cushions, cabin linings, backrests, and dashboards. European demand for...[News subscription required]

Fiber Based Panels Tinderization of Retail

December 1, 2016
"Tinderization of Retail” will impact the generic MDF/HDF/PB panel sectors as today's promotional environment  has increasingly made shoppers become  highly promiscuous.  Hence a sharp decline in brand loyalty has resulted and year...[News subscription required]

Consumers Seek Selective Surface Structurers

October 22, 2016
Today’s consumers are looking to create a selective appearance of end-products by choosing their own personal colour designs and surface structures. The Furniture, Household units and appliances, Cars and Fitments industry sectors are...[News subscription required]

Furniture Makers Resistance to Formaldehyde in Fiber Panels

October 16, 2016
Given the growing resistance by furniture makers to the continuing use of formaldehyde in fiber-based panels, the need to switch to alternative process technology is under pressure. However, formaldehyde producers are claiming a level...[News subscription required]

‘Tinderization of Retail’ Could Impact Wood Fiber Based Panels Sector

October 16, 2016
Consumer ‘Life Style Purchasing Patterns’ are changing and many buyers are less driven by the constraints of event timelines and are more likely to purchase on a ‘needs must’ basis or when they find differentiated...[News subscription required]

UK CIPS Data Point to Industry 4.0 Importance vs Furniture Imports

July 1, 2016
Latest UK CIPS data signals some gains in industry productivity, pointing to the importance of Industry 4.0 and how digitalisation and inter connectivity of products, value chains and business models can enhance productivity and...[Read more]

MDF & HDF Directly Painted Surface ex Production Line

June 15, 2016
Requirements by upmarket furniture makers for homogeneous MDF/HDF batch sized orders of consistent un-sanded surface panels directly off the production forming line is being achieved at the world’s most modern production plant...[Read more]

Wood-based Panel Makers Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency

June 14, 2016
The fiber based panels sector is said to be responding to the challenges of the Circular Economy and  Resource Efficiency. Given the emphasis on the recycling of cellulose fibres, the panels industry claims its primary...[Read more]

Fiber/wood based Panels: Ergonomics, Customization, Environment, Flexibility.

June 12, 2016
Innovative design for the end-user across changing life-styles focuses increasingly on convenience and enhanced ergonomics. Growing sensitivity to ‘environmental impact’ plus a heightened focus on improved functionality and the use of recycled materials...[Read more]

Cyber-physical Systems in the Fibreboard and Particleboard Value Chain

June 7, 2016
Application of ‘Industry 4.0’ Cyber-physical systems in the fiberboard and particleboard value chain may prove to be problematic. Leading sources point to a growing need for new fiber/wood-based panel product development...[Register to view]

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