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Particleboard Imports to China Grew by 42% in 2016

May 19, 2017
Particleboard is the biggest panel product imported to China and accounted for 65% of Chinese wood-based panel imports. Imports of all panels were at 1.4 mn cu m3 in 2016, up 31% from...[Register to view]

MDF Yearbook 2015-2016

May 9, 2016
Our latest MDF yearbook 2015-2016, which is an annual global technical, marketing and management review is now available through the website or by contacting our office by email: . The price...[News subscription required]

Fibreboard Price Movement Signals Low Profitability

April 19, 2016
Prices for Fibreboard & PB panel materials has declined for several years. Global arena producer capacity is too high to ensure medium-term profit sustainability. 30%+ of panel production in Europe was sold at a...[News subscription required]

Changing Global & Regional Competition & Investment in Wood Based Panels

July 2, 2014
Today’s ‘Global’ managers are fighting a different competitive battle in day-to-day attempts to respond to regional consumer product preferences as a prime key to achieving successful, profitable business. Business success in today...[Register to view]

China’s long-term competitive advantage in lumber and panels

July 2, 2014
China's consistent economic expansion equates with a linear growth in its demand for wood-based panels. However, as in all developed economies at some point in the business cycle there will be changes in...[Register to view]

China moves to a consumer led economy

July 2, 2014
Further growth in China’s wood based panel consumption and production are expected through to at least the mid-decade, the pace of growth is likely to slow further as the construction and furniture markets...[Register to view]

Panel Materials Price Trend

July 7, 2011
Overall global demand for panel materials in general is not strong. The basic reason is the continuing weak demand in the large importing nations, which are still waiting for renewed investment in construction and in...[Register to view]

Input costs rise faster than selling prises

July 25, 2010
The future assumes price rises will continue as energy and other production input costs are predicted to rise. Chipboard producers have joined other members of the panels sector in insisting that their profitability is still...[Register to view]

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