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Arauco to buy assets from Masisa

January 11, 2018
Arauco announced that it will be acquiring Masisa’s industrial assets in Mexico, which include three plants located in Chihuaha, Durango, and Zitácuaro, for a sum of $245 million. The transaction would mark the...[News subscription required]

Furniture Makers Resistance to Formaldehyde in Fiber Panels

October 16, 2016
Given the growing resistance by furniture makers to the continuing use of formaldehyde in fiber-based panels, the need to switch to alternative process technology is under pressure. However, formaldehyde producers are claiming a level...[News subscription required]

Eurozone MDF/PB Domestic & Export Market Decline Raises Risk

June 7, 2016
Business risk tolerance in the wood based panels industry has escalated as market demand has flattened and company indebtedness has risen, as new global plant-capacity has come on stream.. . Panel producers’ falling profits reflect...[News subscription required]

MDF Yearbook 2015-2016

May 9, 2016
Our latest MDF yearbook 2015-2016, which is an annual global technical, marketing and management review is now available through the website or by contacting our office by email: . The price...[News subscription required]

Serious Sub-Regional Business Sustainability Issues in Fibreboard & Particleboard (MDF/PB)

March 16, 2016
Serious business sustainability issues apply across  the changing sub-regional based Fibreboard and Particleboard (MDF/PB) manufacturing sectors. Negative and  positive business aspects  are queuing up to disrupt market demand.  Management pre-planning will be...[Register to view]

MDF/PB Management Opinions on Sustainability Level Analysed

February 19, 2016
The MDF Yearbook 2015-16 analysis of Managements’ opinions on business profits and sustainability level relating to global and sub-regional concerns and business opportunity  examines  aspects debated during the AWA/MDFYB Conference in November...[Register to view]


February 17, 2016
 . . Arauco, Chile, has acquired 50% of Tafisa's corporate assets, ranking it the world's second largest producer with an annual production of 9mn m³/yr. New Sonae-Arauco with estimated annual sales of...[Register to view]

M&A in MDF/PB Panel Producers Has Risen but May Fall Again

January 17, 2016
Given the wider implications of consumer nervousness over post-recession economic uncertainty, a disrupted supply chain, raw material availability and other concerns,  now would seem a good time for prospective equity investors and companies seeking...[News subscription required]

Kronospan Acquires Clarion Boards USA

January 15, 2016
Kronospan Inc., based in Eastaboga, Alabama has completed the acquisition of Clarion Boards Inc., and Clarion Laminates LLC, located in Shippenville, Pennsylvania for an undisclosed amount.. . Clarion Boards and Clarion Laminates are significant manufacturers of...[Register to view]

MDF Yearbook 2015-2016 Challenge to Conventionally Held Beliefs

January 11, 2016
The MDF Yearbook 2015-16 reviews and analyses emerging problems facing management in the generic MDF panels producing industry on a global and regional scale. Accumulated knowledge and industry familiarity over the past 25 years...[News subscription required]

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