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Wood-Plastic Composites Opportunity

December 1, 2016
Wood-plastic composite materials offer superior functional performance end-use conversion properties across an expanding regional demand market, that offers diverse commercial opportunities based on: Changing life-styles, Wide use of fibrous materials; Variable raw...[News subscription required]

Chain of Custody & Traceability of Wood & Wood-Based Products

August 3, 2015
The ‘Chain of custody of wood and wood based products’ is in its first consultation stage to establish a standard for the traceability of wood products under, ISO 38001. ISO members have three months to...[Register to view]

Wood Based Panel Industry Over Judgement of Statistics

July 30, 2015
A multiplicity of management reports relating to the wood based panels industry are on offer. Their presence serves to confirm that there is a growing over reliance on using statistics as an alternative to using...[Register to view]

Wood–thermoplastic Composite Panel Description

June 22, 2015
Wood–thermoplastic composite panel materials can be made from a broad group of  wood or other fibrous natural sources. The geographical and regional  location of a production plant (mill) has traditionally determined the choice of...[Read more]

Wood-Plastic Composite Engineered Wood Panels

November 3, 2010
Business climate changes in the construction industry are poised to affect the development and choice of tomorrow’s wood panel building materials. Economic and financial variables are influencing the choice of raw materials used...[Register to view]

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